Older News:

  • 24 December 2003

    Editor will be busy (seems there's some kind of local holiday around now), so no updates for a few days. Best wishes to all!

  • 21 December 2003

    Seems there won't be many A-Rod haiku in the coming year after all. Too bad, as any poem (or team) including Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez would be a sight to see.

    (With haiku through December 16 now posted, this site is the closest to caught up it's been in a long time. Thanks everyone for sending them in!)

  • 17 December 2003

    Just posted one by "DEP", who should get some credit for noticing that "Garciaparra" is five syllables all by itself.

    (So, editor says, how could you prefer A-Rod to Nomar? More dollars, fewer syllables. . . .)

    As you can see, major site redesign. A couple hundred haiku was too many for one page, so now they're divided up . . . enjoy. Also, if you find something broken on the site, or something that could be improved, please let me know --

    Also, we've got a cool new submission form. Write a haiku and try it out.

  • 11 December 2003

    Received our first non-English-language haiku -- viva las Medias Rojas!

  • 10 December 2003

    Just added one written in 1971 about Yaz -- seems this art form has a venerable history.

    Also just added this submission (by MM):

         New manager search
    One thing we all know for sure
    He'll be old and white

    Didn't quite turn out that way -- but bald and white!

    Editor has returned from overseas, so updates can commence. Can report that NY Yankees knit hats are a common sight in Prague this November. (Aargh!)

    New challenge: how about some haiku in Spanish? (I can try, but even better from someone who actually knows Spanish.) I'll even help with a first line:

         Te amo Pedro ...
  • 26 November 2003

    THE NEW YORKER! In the current (Nov. 24) issue of The New Yorker, Roger Angell mentions "If you want to tap into the Sox fans' psyche now, you have to visit a new Web site,, where it comes in eloquent triplets."

    Congrats to mrc, MM, and Budes for having their work chosen for The New Yorker. (Belated congrats also to egchst, for making it into Sports Illustrated.)

    Apologies for no updates for almost two weeks. Many new works are going up today. There will be another delay -- an editor leaves the country for a week -- but your works are getting here, we love them, and they will go up as fast as we can do it.

    Thanks for your loyalty!

    (And what rhymes with Schilling? Maybe it's time for a sonnet. . . .)

  • 11 November 2003

    Additions have slowed down a lot of course, so no updates in a week. Remember, when the Sox hire Jesse Orosco this spring, send your thoughts this way!

  • 2 November 2003

    Today, our first non-email submission -- on a postcard from Paris. Author says he had a lot of time on the plane to work on it.

    Haiku listed newer to older -- is this an improvement?

  • 30 October 2003

    So, Manny's on unconditional waivers -- the good news is that "unconditional" is five syllables all by itself. Go on, start a haiku that way, you know you can do it!

  • 27 October 2003

    It's true -- finally found a copy, and the current issue of Sports Illustrated (November 20) mentions this site (page 30). The same page also has an item on Ted's Head, ". . . a two-man play about a mismatched pair of brothers who scheme to abscond with Ted Williams's frozen head and bury it in Fenway Park." Gotta' love Boston -- the Red Sox and all this culture.

    Meanwhile, way behind on getting all the submissions up here. At least we're starting on the submissions from Saturday the 25th.

  • 26 October 2003

    Apologies to lots of you -- for about 24 hours the top of this page (including the News) was formatted wrong and didn't show up on a lot of browsers. Fixed now. Feel free to email if things ever look seriously wrong.

    We've added an "editors' choice" section. Email if there's a haiku you love, and we'll make a "readers' choice" section as well.

  • 25 October 2003

    Apparently we've got a mention in the latest Sports Illustrated. Congrats to all you haiku writers. (Some of us have always wanted to do something that would make it into SI.)

    Our first Yankees haiku. It's entertaining and doesn't contain the phrase "Red Sox Suck", so up it goes.

    (Where are all the Cubs fans? Do they have some other literary outlet?)

    Not as many new haiku make it on this morning as we'd like -- but look, we've got a cool new logo. (And in case that confuses anyone, we're still not associated with the Boston Red Sox, even if our logo is a parody of theirs.)

  • 24 October 2003

    Darn that freedom of speech. What if we get a submission that is about the Red Sox, but we still don't like? Maybe "Little's kidneys/for sale on eBay" is harsh -- but up it goes.

    Some of the oldest haiku slipped off the site last night--lost in the transition from the hand-coded system to the slightly-less-tedious system of today. In the process of getting them all back.

  • 23 October 2003

    A submission lately that tempts us to add a few more guidelines--like, we reserve the right to not publish any submission. (And if this gentleman chooses to send one insult, one obscenity, and no mention of the Red Sox, why would we?)

    Also, in case anyone was confused (very confused), this site is not associated with Major League Baseball, the Boston Red Sox, any of their subsidiaries, or anyone else official.

    A friend writes: "I'm looking forward to the successor web sites: and"

    Finally: still got a backlog here. So if you've sent us your haiku and it isn't up yet, give me a day or two.

    Lots more haiku. Must get cracking.

  • 21 October 2003

    Lots of new haiku. Site wasn't updated for a few days while we started learning how to automate the process--hand-coding each haiku just wasn't going to cut it any longer. We're almost there with better workflow. And for now, some new haiku.

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