From Cy Young, up to (but not including) game seven of the 2003 ALCS.

What Yankee bullpen?
Joe dials: twenty-six rings
but nobody home.

15 October 2003
By: BAb
"I composed these after Game Six:"

Big George Steinbrenner,
just to be "Contrerian,"
signs Game Six loser.

15 October 2003
By: BAb
"I composed these after Game Six:"

Don Gerbil, charging
Pedro as toreador
Self-defense, big fine

21 October 2003
By: jonesey

If Ernie Banks had
Played his career in Boston
He'd say "Let's blow two".

24 October 2003
By: Rick S.
"I love your website, I'm sure it's very theraputic for Sox fans. I only wish there was something like this for Phillies fans in 1964, when we blew a 61/2 game lead in the last 10 days...."

If Ernie Banks had
Spent his years in Fenway Park
The Kid would have rings.

24 October 2003
By: Rick S.

Summer in Brunswick.
Lobster, corn & 'Gansett--then
Tony C. got beaned.

20 November 2003
By: ToF
"We summered in the '60's at my grandmother's in Brunswick. Came to know everything she wanted to tell me about Ted Williams, the Jimmy Fund, anything Red Sox. I remember how devastated she was when Conigliaro got beaned."

Help the Jimmy Fund.
Hey Nay-bah, have a 'Gansett.
Lonborg delivers.

21 November 2003
By: ToF

Neatsfoot oil & dirt.
My Yaz glove sits on the shelf--
it's my time machine.

21 November 2003
By: ToF

November ballpark.
the sound of vendors churn the air.
old Carl Yazstremski.

22 November 2003
By: MiL
"A friend ... wrote the following haiku in 1971. I remember it to this day. What made it especially poignent at the time was that Yaz was in his prime:"

memory serves
bang the seats in the bleachers
we want Ted.

15 December 2003

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