Pain no longer quite so stabbing. Haiku-writing slows. We begin thinking about the off-season, and trades. . . .

Front office brain trust
Let's put Manny on waivers
Jose Offerman

30 October 2003
By: MM
"Thanks for the place to vent!"

Pedro in the eighth
damned if you do, damned if you don't
those god-damned yankees

30 October 2003

Manny on waivers?
Theo on drugs? Or maybe,
In recovery.

30 October 2003
By: mrc

stupid theo puts
unconditional waivers
next to mannys name

30 October 2003
By: sp

it happened again
the curse kills our hopes and dreams
why'd they let him go??

31 October 2003
By: WaH

Today a tattoo
Of the Red Sox on my calf
My only solace

1 November 2003
By: Jimmy
"This is not made up. And it helped me feel better after 50 years waiting."

Embarrassed Sox: Red
Devastated Mascot: Green
Heartbroken Fans: Blue

1 November 2003
By: JoC

Are waivers truly
irrevocable if Sox
still get Manny back?

1 November 2003
By: bas

First bitter rain.
My only solace -- Soriano
crying in the dugout.

2 November 2003
By: MSu

A Fenway Series
slipping through my fingers like
slimy pumpkin seeds 

2 November 2003
By: PC

Heard: Reverse the Curse!
Thought: Can we just win one time?
Said: Maybe next year ...

2 November 2003
By: Seth

Spring blooms eternal
Fall ephemeral hopes crumble
Winter spent alone

2 November 2003
By: Seth

The pain, the pain sucks
A recurring subtext
Sox fans sigh and wait

3 November 2003
By: JoR

Faith, hope and belief,
fans in New York are clueless
Sox fans are stronger.

5 November 2003
By: BoJ

My wife says her name
should be Pedro because I
never take her out

5 November 2003
By: MPo

Yankees are beaten   
silly young Florida team
do Marlins suck too?

6 November 2003

Left field, Green Monster
Sometimes only a symbol
Manny is back too

6 November 2003

Trot's homer happened
Bullpen shut down all hitters
Still no Fenway lights

6 November 2003

All hail Aaron Boone.
The slayer of Red Sox dreams.
Later, Yankees', too.

6 November 2003
By: c-stone

Pete Rose for Red Sox
Manager? Thinking outside
The box couldn't hurt.

6 November 2003
By: mrc
"This was inspired by a caller to WEEI 850 today."

Unwanted, untradeable
See? Whine not, ingrate.

7 November 2003

Boone's hit back, back.
No! I cry. but it is fair.
The season, over.

7 November 2003
By: middleast sox fan

ouch. the pain is bad.
season over, we lose, sad.
when is spring training? hope then.

7 November 2003
By: middleast sox fan

Yankees always win
What the hell is going on?
Red Sox never win

10 November 2003
By: MHu

Runners rounding third
Sad faces in beantown bars
Autumn games are done

10 November 2003
By: MLip
"Cubs fan looking for an outlet such as this!"

Checkerboard infield
brilliant green welcome mat
invites winning team

10 November 2003
By: ShC

October grows cold,
Series tix in a drawer --
Story of my life.

10 November 2003
By: zac
"This site's like a fresh bandaid on a still-throbbing papercut . . ."

Peedie confesses:
"take me out, coach" was his plea.
Little good now, pal.

10 November 2003
By: zac

Life so empty now
Still checking redsox dot com
Twenty times an 'our.

11 November 2003
By: Matt

Finish line is near
Old root reaches up snags foot
Sox stumble again

12 November 2003
By: C. Ahlberg

How much longer must
We grieve with Red Sox Haiku?
Next year is the year!

15 November 2003
By: WArrow
"Written while listening to football on WEEI"

June 27th,
Red Sox 25, Fish 8.
But no World Series....

15 November 2003
By: WArrow

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