Oh, the pain! The haiku came fast and furious.

Pedro in the eighth?
Grady seems unimpressed when
I shoot my TV.

22 October 2003

February dreams,
Flying from sunshine to fens,
Wild men rise again.

22 October 2003
By: CatK

Cry to Fish from Apple:
Golden balls like oranges
Vengeance in the sun!

22 October 2003
By: CatK
"Speaking from the special hell of Red Sox fans in NYC: thanks for hours of fun!"

cold rain
october dreariness
april soon

22 October 2003

I want nothing more
than to see Little's kidneys
for sale on ebay.

22 October 2003
By: drowsy

those damn yankees kill
me. but im sixteen. i will
see them win. someday

23 October 2003
By: AlM

Boone hits big home run.
Speculation slays Grady.
There's ALWAYS next year.

23 October 2003
By: BrB

Up, out, and over
Yankee'd cork flies gladly crushed
Sox fall from its wake

23 October 2003
By: CE

Rocket hurls high, tight
Unscrew the dim bulb, Pedro
It's Don Zimmer's head

23 October 2003
By: DaS

New Green Monster stands
Hanging over Landsdowne Street
Like an outhouse seat

23 October 2003
By: DaS
"From a grumpy traditionalist."

Nomar and Pedro,
Hoping they are back next year.
The same for Little?

23 October 2003
By: Deadman

Too Little, too late
Pedro leaves after fifth run
Season is over

23 October 2003

Many years we wait
For The Babe's curse to expire
Only fifteen more

23 October 2003
"Your website allows me to express my anguish through an ancient Japanese art-form. For that I thank you -- keep it up!"

Maybe if Manny
Is paid another ten mil
He'll drive in a run

23 October 2003

New York's private jet
Crashes in an inferno
I try not to smile

23 October 2003

Red Sox no defense
No pitching yet still the fans
bitching 'bout game 7.

23 October 2003
By: GeP

Painted diamond vacant
Hearts soar only to break
Denied fall classic

23 October 2003

Derek Jeter sucks
Jorge Posada sucks, too.
Aaron Boone sucks worst.

23 October 2003
By: Pike

Cheer favorite team --
But hope thrills last seven games
-- helps economy

23 October 2003
By: RD

Red Sox Nation Cries
Mariano, Aaron Boone
One hundred more years

23 October 2003
By: Sch

Red Sox means hard knocks.
Joe Torre just wants to win.
Boone: plays good defense.

23 October 2003
"I thought I'd also write one that gave a little more hope but it didn't work out . . . maybe in the future."

Give him the ball -- No!
Eighty-six BoSox, again
Bambino's laughing

23 October 2003

Film character said,
"There's no crying in baseball"
He was not a fan

23 October 2003

Just doing their job
I don't really mind the Yanks
Just the Yankees fans

23 October 2003

Why not Cubs and Sox?
Wrigley, Fenway, Pedro, Wood --
Spiteful baseball gods.

23 October 2003

Crush my heart again
Like a Bill Lee eephus pitch
To Tony Perez

23 October 2003
"I've enjoyed your haiku page, and have recommended it to fellow mourners. Here are a few offerings:"

The Curse? Invented.
A bad decision, that's all.
Baseball Winter looms.

23 October 2003
By: mrc

Tantalus. Red Sox.
Eighty-five years, still thirsty.
Do we need a straw?

23 October 2003
By: mrc

On the radio:
"Grady patted Pedro's back."
We had heard the end.

23 October 2003

My friends in New York
with malicious abandon
cry, "1918!"

23 October 2003
By: roo

Fenway stays quiet
after loss to the Yankees
Babe Ruth still looms large.

23 October 2003
By: roo

Why did Grady trust
Pedro to keep on pitching?
There's always next year.

23 October 2003
By: roo

No World Series win
In my grandfather's lifetime
I'd better have kids...

23 October 2003
By: roo

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