We're still angry. Weather's cold. And, as one haiku puts it, "Hot stove burns brightly".

Piping hot A-Rod,
to go with our new hurlers.
M.V.P. dessert

17 November 2003
"Sox Winter Menu"

New Yorker dot com:
Roger Angell knows our pain.

17 November 2003
By: brf

Bosox fans must swallow bile
Pedro faltered in last mile
Next World Series will be awhile

18 November 2003
By: JoL
"Editor: submitted by a taunting Yankees fan. But I kinda' like it."

Crisp November air
Steel blue helmet sky above
Sox fans all depressed

18 November 2003

Is it just a dream?
"Red Sox win World Series"
please don't wake me up

18 November 2003
By: sb

Sox lose, rite of fall
This time brings an extra twist
Pedro, Zimmer brawl

19 November 2003
By: Fenway Mark

His name, Aaron Boone
He's the Yankee who ended
October too soon

19 November 2003
By: Fenway Mark

Old lady now, I
cried when friend (Braves fan)
called them the Red Flops ...

19 November 2003
By: Gro

Do not give up hope
No curse can last forever
Just ask Steve Bartman

19 November 2003
By: JWa

Gregg Easterbrook says
that there are football gods. Are
there baseball gods too?

19 November 2003
By: JWa
"Ode to TMQ (Tuesday Morning Quarterback, the well known inventor of sports haiku, Gregg Easterbrook)."

My Father -- born 1918
Waits another year
Hope is life continued

19 November 2003
By: Paul in CA

We hate the Yankees.
We empathize with the Cubs.
We love the Marlins.

20 November 2003
By: Amy
"(Alternate ending: We laugh at the A's.)"

You can blame the curse.
You can blame Buckner or Dent.
I'll always blame Boone.

20 November 2003
By: Amy

Taking Petitte from
Those damn Yankees would really
Be a dream come true.

20 November 2003
By: Amy

Trust placed in Theo:
not fully consummated
so far justified

20 November 2003
By: EC

Red Sox religion:
stronger than family blood
more painful than death

20 November 2003
By: EC
"Between TMQ and Red Sox Haiku, 5-7-5 has never been more popular ..."

eighth inning my knee
shakes; I peek over blankie 
shielding eyes from screen

20 November 2003

aaron's blast the cap?
long time red sox fans all know
it sat on no head

20 November 2003
By: LHo

Little stepping down,
Todd Walker notwithstanding --
Ted the Head won't rest.

20 November 2003
By: Marco Bruno
"Great idea. What a way to vent. It was an at-bat I had to take. Thanks for the opportunity."

A chill in the air.
Harbinger of winter snow
and Red Sock heartache.

20 November 2003
By: ToF
"Yankee fan & season ticket holder since '89, have been relating to the Red Sox since '86 when I saw the fear in Calvin Schiraldi's eyes. I respectfully submit the following:"

Pesky to Little 
And a sea of broken hearts
The Boston Red Sox

21 November 2003

Time for leap of faith
Sign Bill Lee as manager
And Zim as bench coach

21 November 2003
By: Allan
"Love your site. The curse will never lift until the Sox crash thru the space/time continuum, hence I suggest...."

Pedro's final pitch;
snowfall covers the Fenway.
Sox-induced suicide.

21 November 2003
By: DKu

Soiled, Red Sox Soul Sold
One hundred thousand
Pieces of Yankee Silver

21 November 2003
By: DMa

I see, I know
Red Sox si, Yankee no,
phantasmic chimerical

21 November 2003
By: DMa
"Brooklyn Dodger fan"

Roger's departure
did not hurt like Pedro's will
Soon. Who was Grady?

21 November 2003
By: DSa
"Love from a Cardinals fan"

Marlins celebrate
Steinbrenner is furious
This eases my pain

21 November 2003
By: DSc

Wood and Pedro lose
There is no bambino curse
Maybe it's SI?

21 November 2003
By: GeC

that's what he always gave us.
We want five more years.

21 November 2003
By: GeC

This week, might slit wrists
See you in February
Now a real Sox fan

21 November 2003
By: Jack from Belmont

Timlin will be back
Francona? A-Rod? Who knows?
Hot stove burns brightly

21 November 2003
By: Jack from Belmont

Gaunt, fallen hero
Pinstriped crow tears cold, dead flesh
Sad, digested dreams

21 November 2003
By: SKo

Long winter sorrow
Cursed name escapes cold, blue lips
Grady BLEEP Little

21 November 2003
By: SKo
"Fenway Fall"

Red summer glow fades
October leaves from ash trees
break my heart again

21 November 2003
By: SKo

Maybe the same fate
would have come if Grady had
put in Mike Timlin.

21 November 2003
By: a sad Red Sox fan

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