Pitching woes; skipper
Needed.  How to right the ship?
Schilling; Francona.

4 December 2003

hubris on the mound
remote hits the wall

4 December 2003
By: JC
"Hey--I'll be honest--I'm a Tigers fan. Nevertheless I hope you like one of these."

New York Yankees suck
more as a concept really
than as a rival

4 December 2003

We like Fenway franks
and peanuts and crackerjacks.
Grady don't come back.

5 December 2003
By: J L

my dad dead three years.
red sox hat buried with him.
in heaven, kicking the babe.

5 December 2003
By: cheri z.

Alex Rodriguez
The Red Sox can have his ass
Ya want Chan Ho, too?

6 December 2003
By: Big Tex
"From a Ranger Fan"

Is part of hope tomarraw.
Don't flirt with sorraw.

8 December 2003

Curt's here, and Terry,
Pedro stays, A-Rod might come....
I can't wait for Spring!

8 December 2003
By: WArrow

Quitters never win
Winners never quit until
Bottom of the 8th

8 December 2003
By: jmp

God Himself can't help
Maybe He chooses not to
Never know for sure...

8 December 2003
By: jmp

Talk about ARod
A slap in the face, he says.
You Tellem, Nomah.

9 December 2003
By: AGe

Class act, but Sox are
equal opportunity 
losers. Bye,Grady.

9 December 2003
By: Gro

Trade talk so widespread --
on paper, Sox surpass all:
Ignore games on the field.

9 December 2003
"in the full illusory light of December"

Yankees hats in Prague
Grey sky, stone walls, one tourist
Suddenly shivers

9 December 2003
By: an editor

My tears form rivers.
There is no joy in Mudville.
Bleep you, Josh Beckett.

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve
" I'm a Yankee fan from Da Bronx who came of age when Horace Clarke led the team in BA. (It was .272, I think.) I wrote the following epic after the World Series."

The runner rounds third!
Here comes the throw to the plate!
Where is Posada?

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve

Florida Marlins.
The whole state?  A kind of fish?
Who the heck are they?

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve

Two strikes and a ball.
Mitchell waits, Don Larsen sets.
Ooops, dream from the past.

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve

Sunday evening comes.
Dinner, movie, read a book.
At least I'm free.  Farg. 

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve

Not champs for three years.
That's like lots of normal years
In your Yankee years.

9 December 2003
By: BxSteve
"I'm a Yankee fan from Da Bronx who came of age when Horace Clarke led the team in BA. (It was .272, I think.)"

Nomar for Arod 
summer wishes winter dreams
goodbye to the curse 

10 December 2003
By: PeR

Nomah, Manny, Bill
2003 was the year
until Grady came

11 December 2003
By: DNe

Sox open their purse
They sign Curt Schilling in hopes
Of ending the curse.

12 December 2003
By: Fenway Mark

steinbrenner is nuts
sheffield and brown are cancers
sox will win next year

12 December 2003

In spring, Florida
Hope renewed, wins and losses
In the Fall, the fall

13 December 2003
By: JaB

we all know who is
the laziest left fielder.
manny ramirez.

13 December 2003

Won it for D-backs
Now wants to take on the curse
Worth every Schilling

14 December 2003
By: PaC
"This team is looking eerily reminiscent of some of Tom Yawkey's Sox that had it all but still couldn't get past either Yankees or Cardinals."

memory serves
bang the seats in the bleachers
we want Ted.

15 December 2003

a west coast sox fan
now in Boston Nation land
understands THE CURSE

15 December 2003
By: OrC

Pedro, Ramirez, Ortiz.
&#$C1;Muchas Gracias!

16 December 2003
By: WArrow
". . . answering your call for Spanish Haiku, here's one everybody can understand:"

I sit in my shed.
Wife, inside, watching movie.
I sit and lament.

16 December 2003
By: WArrow
"Red Sox in December"

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