We stay angry at Grady Little, we're happy the Yanks lost, we start thinking a little bit about the future.

Grady Little gone.
But clubhouse needs makeover.
Trade Manny for Vlad.

27 October 2003

Preprinted, prepaid
My World Series tickets shine
Until I wipe ... wipe....

27 October 2003
By: Budes

Hey wait 'til next year
Every eighty-six years
Like clockwork.  Go Sox.

27 October 2003
By: Budes

And now my children
You know for yourselves the pain
Of what might have been.

27 October 2003
By: Budes

Pinstriped men jump up
and shout on TV. On the
couch my stomach hurts.

27 October 2003
"Haiku is supposed to 'capture a moment or a feeling....'"

In 2004
nine players will go. Best of
luck to you, Theo.

27 October 2003
By: Fan14bosox

Yanks fizzle, led by Jeter.
Money can't buy rings.
Little: afterthought.

27 October 2003
By: J/R

Yanks squished by the Fish
A surprise for the ages
A smile to my face

27 October 2003
"I felt just a little bit better on Saturday night. It might be a bit of schadenfreude, but at least Yankee fans know a fraction of our pain!"

Die hard Red Sox fan
At least the Yanks lost in six
Next year without Little?

27 October 2003
By: JS

Why, Grady? Why did
You not go to Embree one
Batter earlier?

27 October 2003
By: MaG

Wakefield's knuckleball
Mesmerizes Yankee bats
Until Boone nails one.

27 October 2003
By: MaG

Dusty and Grady.
Two men who don't know that a
Pitch count can save jobs.

27 October 2003
By: MaG

Pedro cruising but
Babe awakes and punishes
For ass-pitch comment.

27 October 2003
By: MaG

Twin curses of Cubs
And Sox still alive after
8th innings from hell.

27 October 2003
By: MaG
"Didn't know you had a website until I saw it mentioned in Sports Illustrated. Below are several I composed in the aftermath of Game 7."

To be a Sox fan
There are few happy moments
'cept when Yankees lose.

27 October 2003
By: Mulderjoe

Boston lost again.
A yearly phenomenon.
Cubs fans can relate.

27 October 2003
By: Rich

No Little league in
The Bigs: We care too much and
Pay too much for that!

27 October 2003

Too Little, too late, too
many questions just won't a-
bate: Gone -- Grady's fate

27 October 2003

a distant boyhood
memory clings to my soul
candles for buckner

28 October 2003
By: ANeu

its warm in tucson
as my sox are on TV
Wait!  Why's Pedro still in?

28 October 2003
By: ANeu

Semper fidelis,
They cheer, cry. Leathernecks? No.
Fans who, now hoarse, hide.

28 October 2003
By: CAl

No Sox-Cubs this year
Apocalypse averted
It's Bush's turn now

28 October 2003
By: Geezer

Numbers and stats rule
Could Burkett play for Red Sox?
Not on Theo's chart

28 October 2003
By: Geezer

Grady's not to blame
Best hitters but no bullpen
Theo's got some work

28 October 2003
By: Geezer

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Yankees lost to stupid fish
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

28 October 2003

Every year the same,
We shoot ourselves in the foot.
Grady? Pedro? all.

28 October 2003

Jorge kills us, then
Jorge makes the final out.
How does that feel, Yank?

28 October 2003

Never past seven
Even you know that, Grady
How could you forget?

28 October 2003
"Written after Game 7"

Say Goodbye Grady
Thanks for all the memories
To wrap broken hearts.

28 October 2003
"After Little's firing"

Johnny Damon will
you divorce your wife, leave your
kids, and marry me?

28 October 2003
By: jwh

Red Sox lose again!
Bambino curse is hooey.
Management to blame.

29 October 2003
By: ChC

Sox win! Red Sox win!
Delirium. But fog lifts:
I'm back at my desk.

29 October 2003
By: Chat

Sublime Fenway Park
Emerald diamond shrine
To baseball's lost gods

29 October 2003
By: EBe

Anyway you say it
Bosox, Red Sox, Beantowners
It still comes out LOSER.

29 October 2003
By: Gbh
"Here's to another 85 years of the curse."

Moundward, in a fog
Crawls this Carolinian
Pedro shakes his head

29 October 2003
By: RiB

Fastball flattened out.
Defensive replacements in.
A fourth-grader gasps

29 October 2003
By: RiB

Since 1918
Not one world championship.
Futility sucks.

29 October 2003
By: Rich

Fenway lies still now
Little: Forever gobshite
Boston's wounds fester

29 October 2003
By: Richard in Honolulu
"For definition(s) of "gobshite" try here .Acknowledgements to my brother Dennis."

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