Still, we kept thinkng about that game seven. . . .

Bosox meet Damn Yanks ...
Lest we once again utter ...
"Wait until next year"

24 October 2003
By: DH

Bitter Red Sox Fan
Tears on the morning after
Coffee tastes salty

24 October 2003
By: DH

Boone and Dent to left
The balls dropped as did our hearts
As do the seasons

24 October 2003
By: DaC

Calling all Cubs fans
Red Sox Nation weeps with you
Grady is our goat.

24 October 2003
By: EG

El Guapo, astride
the mound, pitches them to the
Series in my dream.

24 October 2003

Baseball, schmaseball. I
think there ought to be a law
against the Yankees.

24 October 2003
By: Fred

Admit your mistake?
Grady would do it again.
You friggin' moron!

24 October 2003
By: JF

Base hits, wild pitch, curse.
Mookie's ground ball: afterthought.
Leave Buckner alone.

24 October 2003
By: Luke
"Thanks for the site. We all need some poetry to deal with the Sox (I'm an English teacher and both a Red Sox *and* a Cubs fan of several decades; I ought to know)."

of a moment in baseball
Never forgotten

24 October 2003
"Consider this one submitted on the 25th . . . I call it "Buckner"."

Superman, you there?
I think Grady needs your help
Circle the earth please.

24 October 2003
By: MD

A Posada flare
that fell in front of Johnny
Mystique never does fail

24 October 2003
By: MD

Posada's dink hit.
Another microfracture
In Teddy's icebox.

24 October 2003
By: Rick S.

Rocket scientists
Couldn't figure more ways to
Piss away fortune.

24 October 2003
By: Rick S.

Little downgraded
Carolina barbeque
New England style

24 October 2003

The heat is gone now
But I -- Pedro Martinez --
Won't take myself out

24 October 2003

For another year,
the Storrow Drive curve will be
the only reverse.

24 October 2003
By: Ted's wife

Grady Little erred.
Even I would have taken
Pedro out in eight.

24 October 2003
By: Ted's wife

Little at the mound.
Little walks away alone!
Here we go again....

24 October 2003
By: Warrow

Way back. Way back. Gone.
Halloween, early again.
A day of mourning.

24 October 2003
By: Warrow

Bucky Bleeping Dent
How Could It Be Any Worse?
Aaron Bleeping Boone

24 October 2003
By: WiS

My pitcher tires.
Do I go to the bullpen?
Where are the want ads?

24 October 2003
By: Yamanin

Any Red Sox fan
can write haiku. Just stop at
the seventeenth syl

24 October 2003
By: peacebug

No Bambino curse
Can make us lose our cool
'04 is the year

25 October 2003
"Very hopeful 11 year old fan"

Zim, Mac and Grady
Each one a tragic figure
Who will be the next?

25 October 2003
By: JoC

Can't blame the players
Manager says "Don't blame me"
Is this all my fault?

25 October 2003
By: JoC

Praise the Lord! Trot's up.
Out of here! A memory
of happier days.

25 October 2003
"Arrived on a postcard from Paris."

Pedro throws grapefruits.
Embree, Timlin are ready.
Pedro can finish.

25 October 2003
By: chgophil

Four year old asks me
When Red Sox start World Series
Cannot answer tears

25 October 2003
By: mykomz
"Found your site and an outlet for grief. My first haikus -- After the heartbreak, I think about what could have been, first in '86, now in '03."

Heroes could have been
Hendu, Nixon, Wakefield, more?
Not Buckner, Grady

25 October 2003
By: mykomz

Yay or Nay, Pedro?
Yay, stubborn Pedro replies
The dreaded curse lives

26 October 2003
By: DaW

The Boston Red Sox's
Curse of Bambino goes on
Grady Little's fault

26 October 2003
By: DaW

Yanks beat Sox again
Squash World Series hopes and dreams
But Marlins win. Yay?

26 October 2003
By: Fielding95
"Bittersweet watching the Marlins win . . ."

Sox take the World Series
My Powerball wins it all
Latter will come first

26 October 2003
By: Jimmy
"This one came to me while I was checking for my 190 mil this a.m."

new seats top green wall
another set for great fall;
pitchers and catchers

26 October 2003

Alternate ending --
Apocalyptic horror:
"Fish Sink Sox in Six!"

26 October 2003

Poor Little Wally
In his Adirondack chair
Waiting for next spring.

26 October 2003

Grady is now gone
Somewhere in Connecticut
Bobby V's phone rings

26 October 2003
By: VaV

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