"I hate Grady Little" is still a favorite, but many more write of hope with A-Rod and Schilling.

Pedro and Manny,
Too emotional for pros,
Bites you in the ass.

27 November 2003
By: RiB

As much as Red Sox
deserve careful choice of words,
haiku shouldn't rhyme.

27 November 2003
By: bas
"(sorry for the rant)"

Curt Schilling is signed
We have triple-threat starters
Savior for '04

29 November 2003
By: PoW
"Thanks for the relief of a broken heart. Next year is the year!"

From suffering -- art.
There is no Yankees' haiku.
Sox fans: I love you.

29 November 2003
By: jkl
"several haiku from a (mild) yankees fan"

So funny, haiku!
Schilling, Schmilling: Sox fans' dreams.
But Babe's curse -- nightmare!

29 November 2003
By: jkl
"several haiku from a (mild) yankees fan"

Venting with haiku
Therapeutic, but takes time
Must go watch Pats win.

30 November 2003
By: JCubed

Terry Francona?
What the fuck are they thinking?
He sucked with the Phils!

30 November 2003
By: JCubed

The same TV showed
Buckner, then Boone. It was time.
Smashed it with a bat.

30 November 2003
By: JCubed
"This is true. I took my TV set out on my deck and smashed it to bits after realizing that 17 years after sitting six inches from the TV screen in front of my cheap-ass K-Mart TV with my head in my hands (1986), I was doing THE SAME THING. It had to go."

Schilling the cure? No.
He and Pedro -- too fragile.
DL will be long.

30 November 2003
By: JCubed

Bucky Bill Aaron
Suffering is redemptive
That is the Zenway

1 December 2003
By: Allan
"Only an eastern religion can explain our fate. . . ."

Martinez, Schilling
Knuckleballs on wasted wood,
Then Lowe and behold.

1 December 2003
By: Marco Bruno
"It's the only thing keeping me sane."

Curse of what now?
Try the last team to
Integrate. Yep.

1 December 2003
By: TeC

Schilling joins the staff
The last piece of the puzzle
Hope springs eternal.

1 December 2003
"Written Monday December 1, 2003--Dawn of the New Era!"

Pedro starts the eighth;
Posada gets a double,
Grady Little, DIE!

2 December 2003

A midnight dreary
Pedro so weak and weary
Bo Sox nevermore....

2 December 2003
By: CAhl

If Schilling willing
To accept second billing
Champagne be chilling.

2 December 2003

Praying for Sox/Cubs,
an unfunny thing happened.
(At least, the Yanks lost!.)

2 December 2003
By: JN

God said I could live
Until the Sox won again.
(I'm 99 now.)

2 December 2003
By: JN
"Orioles fan since 1954, Browns before that."

Welcome to Schilling,
Winner -- Will he lift Babe's Curse?
Hope A-Rod comes soon.

2 December 2003
By: MiP

I said Sox will win
Mean Uncle Billy, Yank fan,
claims curse now my fault!

2 December 2003
"SBYF--surrounded by Yankee fans."

Bleachers Yankee fans
Squealing of 1918
Push them off next year

2 December 2003
"SBYF--surrounded by Yankee fans."

Red Sox fall collapse
Without it the planet might
Stop spinning, explode

2 December 2003
By: wbg
"From an a's fan, sorry. (But hey, Sox fans, the '04 team's looking pretty solid. And at least you're not the Yankees.)"

It is genetic
This insane love for the Sox
My son now hates me

3 December 2003

"Go Sox" on the Pru
Lights up the Boston night sky
A vertical prayer

3 December 2003

The days grow shorter
Months named for Latin numbers
Sox go home again

3 December 2003

to live with the dream
is not just impossible;
you've got to have wa.

3 December 2003
By: PAg
"with a nod to one of the best of all baseball books"

In snow, chilis green
as stadium grass
wave unconditionally

3 December 2003
By: abel

In falling snow, unpicked chilis
Greener than stadium grass
-- still hot

3 December 2003
By: abel

Snowflakes fall like baseballs
from the sky, chrysanthemums
go down swinging

3 December 2003
By: abel

Red Sox as a verb
means to watch your whole season
trickle between feet

3 December 2003
By: wbg

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