Good lord, we're still thinking about Pedro, Grady, and game seven.

New manager search
One thing we all know for sure
He'll be old and white

22 November 2003
By: MM
"Hey! I'm published in the New Yorker. We're famous! Here's a new one:"

Just before the last game
the old tv broke. He wept, sure
he'd miss victory.

22 November 2003

Spring training. And then
the new lineup. The sweet, sharp
crack of bat on ball.

22 November 2003

November. Grey skies.
Snow and ice ahead. But, soon
another season.

22 November 2003
"The night of the last game my students received text messages on their cell phones and kept the class posted."

Next season we all
will carry clean handkerchiefs
'cause real men can cry.

22 November 2003

Leave it to the Sox
To snatch their defeat
From the jaws of victory

22 November 2003

Parents were Mets fans
Happy in '86; now
Their kid's a Sox fan.

22 November 2003
By: PlF

Newspaper headline:
"Curse Reversed, Sox win Series"
Yeah, when pigs fly high.

22 November 2003
By: PlF

rush hour rainy night
west on Storrow Drive
bright Citgo right through the heart

22 November 2003
By: SS

Worst decision since
Dressen chose Branca
Oh! Grady Little.

23 November 2003
By: Mbp

Uncle Aaron cries
In Pawtucket near McCoy
Hates his namesake Boone

24 November 2003
By: AWe
"I am a Red Sox fan in Los Angeles, but my uncle, Aaron Cohen, is a HUGE Red Sox fan living in Pawtucket a few blocks from McCoy Stadium. . . ."

"Help" I said meekly
They've done it to me again.
Where is the remote?

24 November 2003
By: Ajo

Blue-hatted people
Some with B, Some with NY
Both losers in end.

24 November 2003
By: Ajo

Spring dawns cautious hope
Hot Red Sox Nation Summer
We Fall together

24 November 2003
By: BiS

I cannot forget.
Even my wife knew enough
To scream "Take him out!"

24 November 2003

Pedro threatens Ruth
Says he'd drill Babe in the ass
Funny then; not now

24 November 2003
By: Jimbo Steamer

Ah, Morgan Magic
Would Joe have left Pedro in?
Six, two and even!

24 November 2003
By: Jimbo Steamer

Timlin and Embree
Looking like Cy in playoffs
Sitting while Yanks surge

24 November 2003
By: Jimbo Steamer

One month later, still
Timlin? when ... when ... so ...
time for thorazine?

24 November 2003
By: MD10
"written by MD's dad"

Brady stays in game
Plays great, Even in O.T.
Pedro take notice

24 November 2003
By: MD10

leaves fall, another 
loss carved into the wall of lost
hopes for kids like me.

24 November 2003
By: MD10
"Haikus from a young fan ('MD', age 10)."

One month later, still
young girl hurts really badly
patriots no FUN

24 November 2003
By: MD10

Babe Bucky Buckner
And Boone made us blue again
Let the "Bs" be gone

24 November 2003
By: PaT

Grady Little brain
Why leave Pedro in the game
No contract for you!

24 November 2003
By: nbh

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