Some look back, others write about Nomar, A-Rod, and Schilling.

Curt Schilling or Foulke
Thoughts drift to next October
Who's the next scapegoat?

25 November 2003
By: HDo

Eighty five dry years
Is--in all--a grain of sand
In eternity

25 November 2003
By: MWi

Lived in Bay State once
Sox up six in June!  Fans quit. 
Now I understand

25 November 2003
By: MWi

Enos in a dash
Bucky hits a Monster shot
Wakefield just one pitch

25 November 2003
By: Merle

A Red Sox Haiku?
I cannot think of a thing
Damn these dead brain cells

25 November 2003
By: RSa

Champagne Bottle sits
gathered dust since '86
Rapture eludes us

25 November 2003
"Champagne Bottle"

Youngest son shared tears
Oldest son bet on Yankees
Time to change the will

25 November 2003
"Sibling Rivalry"

Child of seven asks
Where are the guys eating nails?
Why does Pedro pitch

25 November 2003
"Child of seven"

Wife awakes to scream
Why the F is our Pedro
removing jacket

25 November 2003
"Pedro's Jacket"

Too good to be true
A-Rod in Sox uniform?
Enjoy Cali, Nomar

26 November 2003
By: Brooks

expensive tickets
worth it should we win it all
welcome curt schilling

26 November 2003
By: Brooks

Yankees and Red Sox.
Game Seven. My son and I.
A forever night.

26 November 2003
By: E-Man

"Left him in?  Yeah, sure."
So say other equally
Stupid managers.

26 November 2003

A curse for the Yanks
Tiny peepees and corns on
Their ugly fat feet

26 November 2003
By: JeS

Not so quietly
Did the lawnchair fold this year
Hearts thrill and then break

26 November 2003

The Pats, in first place
The Sox still play in my soul.
I do still believe...

26 November 2003
By: WArrow

In sixty-seven
Father swears at the TV
The torch has been passed

26 November 2003
By: Chris

Two thousand and three
Daughter cries the next morning
Torch is passed again

26 November 2003
By: Chris

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